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January 11th – Official Result

I’ve now checked the website and my official result was 443rd male to finish in 6 hours 36 minutes and 55 seconds. My splits were 56.43 for the swim, 3.09.18 for the bike and 2.23.51 for the run with a 3.47 1st transition and a 3.16 2nd transition. I’m pretty satisfied with that, but reckon [...]

Half Ironman Photos

Thanks to Mark Cairns, Paul Garratt and for the images.

January 9 – The day after !

Well I did it. 6 hours 36 minutes and 55 seconds officially. I have to say I felt most them too. But there is a tremendous sense of achievement for having completed the distance. There were times when you just thought “I can’t go on” but you somehow dig a bit deeper and before you [...]

Link to One News Story, 8th January

January 5

A quiet time in the lead up to the big event in Mt Maunganui this week-end. I kept up the light training in and around Wanaka last week and then have worked well since coming back to Auckland on Sunday night. I have to say it’s a lot easier to train in the warm and [...]

December 27 – The Lake Hayes Tri

Well if my ambition was to break 1 hour 30, I failed miserably. I was just a bit over 1.41 by my own stop watch (haven’t seen the official results yet) so that’s a bit disappointing. But may I say there a few mitigating factors. It was not windy but it was really wet. The [...]

December 26 – Merry Christmas

I spent a very unenergetic Christmas Day with absolutely no exercise except for a very slow after-lunch stroll for half an hour or so. But isn’t that what tapering is supposed to be about! Like most of us, I had a lot to eat, but didn’t do too badly on the booze – just a [...]

Bay of Plenty Times Article

Link to article in the Bay of Plenty times on Christmas Eve, “Half ironman not about the speed, says TVNZ newsman”.

December 22

I’m back in Mt Maunganui for a few days before heading south for Christmas. With no TV commitments, it’s been great to put in some serious work on the course in the last few days. On Monday, I had a 4 hour ride and a 2 hour run, Tuesday was a 2 hour ride and [...]

Dec 16

It’s been quite a hard week so far with more to come. On Monday I did 3 km at Parnell pools, then took a break, came back late in the afternoon for another kilometre and then ran for 45 minutes off the back of that. On Tuesday it was an indoor cycling session at Les [...]