January 11th – Official Result

I’ve now checked the website and my official result was 443rd male to finish in 6 hours 36 minutes and 55 seconds.
My splits were 56.43 for the swim, 3.09.18 for the bike and 2.23.51 for the run with a 3.47 1st transition and a 3.16 2nd transition.
I’m pretty satisfied with that, but reckon that with some good swimming coaching and some hard work I could become a 45 minute swimmer and then maybe a 3 hour biker. Can’t see me running much faster, especially after a bike ride. Give me a half marathon from scratch and I reckon I could do 2 hours, but not at the end of a triathlon.
Anyway, as my right foot is strapped at the moment with a planta facia (arch of the foot) injury caused by over use – according to the podiatrist – I won’t be running anywhere for a while! Love the biking and the swimming though.

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