December 22

I’m back in Mt Maunganui for a few days before heading south for Christmas. With no TV commitments, it’s been great to put in some serious work on the course in the last few days. On Monday, I had a 4 hour ride and a 2 hour run, Tuesday was a 2 hour ride and then – after a rest – a 1 hour swim.

Today I did a good “brick” session ie putting disciplines on top of each other. I started with a swim up and down the harbour, and with a cruise ship in port, it was great to use that as a reference point for the trip up. On the way back I had first hand experience again of the strong currents that can get you in Pilot Bay. At one stage as I was swimming past a moored boat, I felt as if I was literally going nowhere. But I finally got some momentum and finished the return trip to the Mount end of the bay. Then it was a quick run/jog back to our apartment, off with the wetsuit, on with the cycle gear and out for a lap of the bike circuit. Total distance was 44 km and the return leg was tough going into the wind. But it was a good trip out to Papamoa with a big breeze up my bottom and with my new aero bars – thanks Jon Hume – I was able to get up to 40kph in some places.
When I got back, it was straight into the running shoes and a 60 minute run along the Pilot Bay foreshore and back, then around the Mount, along the foreshore again and back to the Towers on Marine Parade. So a good session and I felt really good at the end of it. I think the key was eating well during the bike, and drinking plenty between the swim and bike when I scoffed pretty much a whole bottle of Powerade.
Today I also entered the Lake Hayes triathlon next Monday, December 27. It’s pretty short – 750m, 20km and 5km – but it will be a good competitive experience which I’m really looking forward to. Thanks to John Knight at Outside Sports for the use of a bike for the event.
Tomorrow I have another big ride/run day planned, but the best part I reckon will be the appointment at the massage therapist !
Only 2 weeks and 2 days to go. I’m feeling pretty good. Maybe I could even break 7 hours on January 8th.

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