Dec 16

It’s been quite a hard week so far with more to come. On Monday I did 3 km at Parnell pools, then took a break, came back late in the afternoon for another kilometre and then ran for 45 minutes off the back of that.

On Tuesday it was an indoor cycling session at Les Mills because my bike is still at Mt Maunganui. The session was really boring, but I ground out an hour and a half and then did a fast 20 minutes on the treadmill straight off it. Inside on a humid day, I’ve never been so wet at the end of a training session.
Yesterday, Wednesday, it was 90 minute run with some up-tempo segments ( 3 x 8 minutes with a slow jog between) and then a 45 minute indoor ride to “flush out the legs” as Mark Watson so eloquently puts it. I was pretty stuffed at the end of the day.
But I figure this week and next are going to be the two hardest, so I just have to make sure I eat right and get plenty of sleep. That didn’t happen yesterday, so I’m battling today !

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